Have your teen learn the basics before you take to the road!

The price for the 60 minute driving lesson is $95.00 and includes all the basics such as:

  • Perpendicular and curb parking
  • Backing up safely
  • Starting, moving and stopping smoothly
  • Driving through intersections
  • Making accurate turns
  • Adjusting speed and lane position
  • Traffic signal responses
  • Recognizing danger signs/conditions
  • Yielding the right-of-way
  • Communicating with other drivers

For more information or questions about the LEARNER’S STARTER KIT please contact Kevin Gahart at 703-861-4413.


The LEARNER’S STARTER KIT was created for parents and their newly permitted teens to reduce the stress and anxiety of the very first hours of driving on the road. It develops basic driving skills and boosts confidence for the new driver and gives the parent assurance that they can practice driving safely on the roadways. A free consultation will be given after each lesson and will include tips on teaching your child to drive, plus a large magnetic STUDENT DRIVER roof sign for loan.  Lessons are given in a DMV certified instructor vehicle by a licensed Virginia State driving instructor.